October 2014

by - Friday, October 31, 2014

Another month zoom by again. Super fast, don't you feel so? Christmas is just around the corner.

Here's how our October went.

The boys has a rolling good time at Changi Airport. Read about how the trip went HERE.

The hazy weather and the 'on-the-road-to-recovery' boys means we can't go swimming in a public pool. So we had our own water play at home! They had a splashing good time.

In an attempt to let the boys do more learning. I made a Zipper Board which is good for fine motor and pre-writing skills for Big J. They also had some mess-free painting on the chalkboard. We tried to save the frozen animals too (more about this in another post).

As October is the month of Halloween, we went to the River Safari and the Safari Boo event. 

Of course, there's also our weekly dose of playground fun. If you notice, there are little shots of Big J because he was too fast to be captured. I also burnt myself while sliding down the super long slides with Small J on two occasions. Clumsy me.

At Amazonia

At Kidz Amaze

Here are more random shots that we have taken this month.

Small J still loves dancing on the table

And ransacking the drawers and cabinets in the house

The drinking buddies

How was your October?

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