My ABCs: W is for... Water Play

by - Thursday, November 13, 2014

Both Js love water play. Whenever they are cranky or pestering us to bring them out, we will do water play. It is easy to set up and easy to clean up. We always end it with a bath, no more struggling to get them in for their bath. 

The benefits of water play are tremendous. Just ask Google and you will get the answer.

Here are 10 water play ideas for kids.

1) Save the Frozen Animals

Here's how we save the frozen animals.

2) Car wash

Big J loves cars and water. What could be more happy than playing with the two things he loves best! I told him the steps of washing (listening and following instructions), we counted the number of cars to wash, the scrubbing and drying helps with his motor skills.

3) Scoping Ping Pong Balls

This provides good training for hand eye coordination, patience, hand muscles, etc. I also take the opportunity to teach the concept of float.

4) Washing the Corridor

Gave him a milk jug filled with water and a scrub to scrub the floor. The heavy milk jug helps to train his strength and motor skills. Helping to clean is also part of life skills.

5) Simple Waterplay

Simple play with just a tub and some containers and spoons thrown in. A simple setup but it provide tremendous play opportunities and imagination.

6) Spray Bottle

A simple spray bottle does wonders. I will fill up a bottle and let Big J spray on the wall of the washroom. The squeezing of the nozzle helps in strengthening his hands muscles which is very important for writing. We also spray at each other and keep laughing away. A great way to play with the kids!

7) Painting with Water 

Draw on a blackboard using chalk and ask the child to paint on the board using water. See here.

8) DIY Swimming Pool

How about a mini swimming pool in our HDB flat? Remember to lie down some towels to prevent slipping.

9) The Real Pool 

When the boys are well, we will bring them swimming in the real pool. Nowadays, pools come with slides and playground and even lazy river. Total entertainment for the whole family.

10) Waterparks

There are many water parks in Singapore. Here are some that we have visited, Zoo, Port of Lost Wonder, Jurong Bird Park, Marina Barrage, RWS, Vivo City, Westgate and many many more.

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  1. Simple but wonderful ideas! Will be sharing at my growinghearts123 FB. : ) I like the ping pong balls pool and water spray ideas!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Please feel free to share this around. The ping pong balls and water spray are very easy to do!