Save the Frozen Animals

by - Tuesday, November 04, 2014

'Let it go! Let it go!' 

Sounds familiar? Yes, that's the theme song of 'Frozen'. My boy has been singing this song almost everyday. I was shocked the first time I heard him sing this and wondered where he learnt this from. 

So, since he is so interested in 'Frozen', I thought to do something related to this - ICE!!

I froze some animals in water. While freezing these animals, I ran into some problems. The animals are floating to the surface of the water and makes it difficult to freeze them the way I wanted - submerged. After some trial and error, this is what I did. I first freeze about half the water with the animal floating on it. When this layer has frozen, I added more water to cover the animals. Since the animals are already held on by the first layer of ice, they won't float. Erm... I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

Once the ice are all frozen, we are ready to save the animals!

Oh no! All the animals are frozen! They are so cold. How are we going to save them?

We feel the ice and learnt that ice is cold, hard and slippery. I mentioned that ice is actually water. When it is very cold, the water will turn to ice. 

The boys begin digging the ice using the plastic scoops. I added the metal spoons and asked them to try using this. We noticed the ice coming off as we knocked hard on the ice using the metal spoon.

The boys hard at work

Can we eat this? LOL

They spent some time knocking on the ice. I then said that when it gets hotter, the ice will melt and turn into water. Let's add some warm water and see what will happen.

'Oh... the ice melts already, Mummy!'

I poured away the cold water and we added more warm water to help the ice melts faster. No, I didn't pour the water down the drain. I saved them up for other washing purpose.

And we saved a dog!

They continued to save the cow, the horse and the pig

Learning points:
- Ice is cold, hard and slippery.
- Water freezes to ice and melts when hot.
- Animals and the sounds they make.
- Knocking on the ice helps to strengthen hand muscles.

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