A Staycation @ RWS - Hard Rock Hotel

by - Thursday, December 11, 2014

The biggest highlight in November for us is that we went for a 3 days 2 night staycation at Sentosa. Last year, we had a staycation at Sentosa too. During Big J's 2nd birthday, we also spent a day at Sentosa. We really love Sentosa huh.

We did consider going other parts of Singapore for this staycation, but in the end we feel that Sentosa is more suitable for us as a family. Sentosa, the State of Fun, has so much to offer that I had a hard time planning which are the places we should go during this staycation.

We decided to stay at a hotel at Resorts World Sentosa due to its convenience and availability of various facilities in the vicinity. However, we would like to choose a different hotel from our last staycation. Last year, we stayed at Festive Hotel. This year we chose Hard Rock Hotel. I am sure the kids would love the sandy pool.

Credits: Hard Rock Hotel

This is the itinerary that I planned for the 3 days.

Day 1 (Hard Rock Hotel - Port of Lost Wonder - Playcation @ Palawan Beach - Crane Dance - Lake of Dreams)

Day 2 (Adventure Cove Waterpark - Skyline Luge - Mega Dance by U Family - Wings of Time)

Day 3 (Hard Rock Hotel Pool - Home Sweet Home)

As you can see, our stay includes quite a lot of water activities. That's because our two boys love water!

However, just before the day we were supposed to go on our holidays, Big J fell sick suddenly. He had a high fever! We prayed that he will recover the next day. His fever did go away, but rashes broke out all over his body and face. Initially, we thought it could just be a normal fever rash. We brought him to the doctor and the doctor said it could be measles! That is very serious and he needs to be quarantined. Fast forward to a few days later, the guys from MOH came and did a test and confirmed that it was not measles. He quickly recovered without any complications and my mum said he was still very active during those few days.

Anyway, we were so disappointed that he was not able to join us on the staycation. It would be so fun for him! We had told him about this a few days before and he was super happy. When he realised that he couldn't go with us, he was disappointed. I explained to him that he is sick and must stay at home. We were glad that he accepted the reasons without much fussing.

So, the 3 of us (Daddy, myself and Small J) made our way to Sentosa. We had missed our lunch due to the morning rush, so we picked up some fast food from MacDonald's before checking in to the hotel.

Why is Kor Kor not with us?

We booked a Deluxe King room with pool view. We love our room. It is spacious, clean and modern. Let me show you around the room.

The entry way into the room.
The wardrobe and the entrance to the bathroom
is on the left. There is also the small pantry area
for the water, coffee and tea, fridge and stuffs.

The King size bed with the pull out bed. As you can notice from the bedsheets, 
Small J has already made himself comfortable on it.

Our room does not have a balcony. Instead there is a bay window with a day bed. 
This day bed is big enough to sleep one person. 
Small J loves sitting here to look at the view outside.

The TV and table area

This wardrobe opens on both side, the entry way and the bathroom. 
This allows you to take your clothings directly from the wardrobe after a shower. 
Small J also loves walking in and out of the wardrobe. 
Inside the wardrobe, you can find an ironing board, an iron, a tourchlight and a safe

The toilet which is separated from the shower. 
It has its own door so you can close it for privacy.

The shower comes with a rain shower.
But we feel that the pressure is not strong enough.
Unfortunately, the entry way to the bathroom is open.
If you need privacy, you will need to change your
clothes inside the small shower area before coming out.

The sink and vanity area. This area is open for all, meaning that kids can go in and out freely.
This is quite dangerous because the floor could be wet and children might just slip and fall.
This almost happened to Small J. Luckily, we were able to catch him before he fell.

The view of the pool from our room

He loves looking at the children playing downstairs.

All changed and ready to go out to play.

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  1. It's probably Roseola (a v common viral infection in children). The rash appears once the fever subsides.