If I Were a Time Traveller

by - Thursday, May 21, 2015

If you have the power to travel through time, what would you do? Would you choose to travel to the future to take a look at your life at that point in time? Or to find out the winning lottery so you could have a windfall? Or would you choose to travel back in time hoping to change something that you had done in the past? Either way, how would your life be different now? 

If I have a time travelling machine, I think I would not use it to change anything in the past. I would not choose to travel to the future because I think it is quite scary to know about our future. However, I would love to travel back in time to reminisce those happy moments once again.

These are many memories that I would love to go back and rejoice the moments again. If I were to only choose one, it would be my childhood days.

My faint memory of my childhood days was pretty carefree and worry-free. At least that's how I remember it to be. Not sure how my parents felt at that time though.

Those were the days when we were free to run and play with neighbours after school. There were no worries of mountains of homework or enrichments. The neighbours' kids and us were free to play downstairs without having our parents standing at the side to look after us. Neighbours were kind enough to help keep a look out for each other. These neighbours were also very kind to offer food whenever they had extras. There were Chinese, Malay and Indian food. Not forgetting, the doors in our neighbourhood were always open!

I also remember waiting for the snacks and goodies van or motorbike which would come around every evening to sell delicious street foods. When we heard the honk, many people would flock towards the van. Yummy!

Of course, there were also time when we spent time as a family which I still treasured even till now. My parents would bring us for swimming every Sunday, not for swimming lessons, but just having fun in the pool with my family. My dad would drove me around on his motorbike just downstairs our house, psst... without helmets! My mum would also prepare many delicious food and snacks for us too!

Those were the days!

How would you use your time travelling machine? Which are the moments in life that you would love to relive again?


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  1. Thanks for taking us down memory lane and showing us a glimpse of your childhood! Totally agree that last time we just played, we didn't need to "learn to" play!