Button Snake - To Keep Little Ones Busy

by - Monday, June 08, 2015

Making a button snake has always been on my to-do list and I finally get down to completing it. This is so easy to make but I do not know why I keep putting it off until now. 

The hardest part was finding the button. I have looked at Daiso, supermarkets, budget stores, hardware stores, Spotlight, Art Friend and many more. The buttons I found are either too small or too expensive. One day, when I was back at Daiso, I saw these buttons. They are about 1.8cm in diameter. Though they are still not big enough to my liking, but for $2 and I can't find any other more suitable choices , I had to go ahead with it. 

Here are the materials needed - Colourful felt, Ribbon, Buttons. All the materials are from my favourite store - Daiso! 

For the 'snake', cut a length of ribbon. I cut mine about 20cm. I don't want it to be too long because it will be difficult for him to handle. Then, sew buttons to both ends of the ribbon.

Next, cut out the felt squares. I cut mine 5 x 5 cm. Fold the squares in half and cut a slit in the middle of the square. The slit must not big too big or too small. It has to be a little bit smaller than the size of the button. This is because the felt is slightly stretchable and if the slit is too big, the felt will just goes out the other end of the snake. If it is too small, the child will have trouble pulling the button through. Try it out yourself to check if it is too difficult to pull through.

After everything is done, keep the pieces in a ziplock bag. I got the ziplock bag from Daiso too. This is very light and easy to bring out on a trip to keep both Js entertained.

You can further expand this for other learning opportunities. I cut two pieces of each colour so that we can use this for colour sorting and matching. For older kids, you can also ask them to thread the felt pieces according to a certain pattern like red - green - red - green, etc.

Small J can't handle the button snake really well, but he is happy to just put the pieces back into the ziplock bag and taking them out again. This is a saver for us when we need to wait, for example in the restaurant or on train rides.

He attempted to button one piece!

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