Busy Bag Exchange 2 - Toddler. Plus a Free Printable

by - Monday, July 13, 2015

After going for the first busy bag exchange, which is a great success, I signed up for the second busy bag exchange. This time, we separate ourselves into two groups, one for toddlers and one for preschoolers. I took part in both groups which means I have to make close to 30 busy bags! I have burnt many midnight oil to complete these. 

I will first share about the toddlers group busy bags, which is for children age 2-3 years old. 

I made a magnet puzzle. I drafted out the scenes, look for pictures via Google and put them together to form a scene. I bought magnet sheets from Daiso and cut them out to the shapes I want. Here's the final product. Free printable is available at the end of this post.

These are what I have received. During the process of making the busy bags, we learnt many things from each other. For example, where to get the cheapest supplies, how we brainstormed to get solutions when we are stuck with a problem and also encouragement from each other while making these. 

Wacky Sacks by Mummy S. Inspiration from here.
The balloons are filled with playdough. These are very nice to squeeze.

Coloured pasta sort / Sensory bin by Mummy F. Inspiration from here.
The small containers are from Value Shop and the colourful measuring spoons are from Taobao.

Pipecleaner toy by Mummy J. Inspiration from here.
The bottle from Toyogo. Pipecleaner from Daiso.

I-Spy bottle by Mummy E. Inspiration from here.

Cutting strips by Mummy S. Inspiration from here

Button loops by Mummy J. Inspiration from here.
Form craft stick from Duyi Bookshop.

Alphabet matching by Mummy C. Inspiration from here.
Alphabet stickers from Daiso. Pebbles from ArtFriend.
These pebbles can be used on the light table too.

Numbers / shapes matching puzzle by Mummy I. Inspiration from here.

Pre-writing cards by Mummy LX. Inspiration from here.
Whiteboard marker from Daiso. 
Many of us love these markers as they write and erase off well. 
The size is just write for little hands. 
It is also value for money, $2 for a pack of 5 markers.
For the eraser, pom poms and felt sheets are good choices.

Playdough mat by Mummy ML. Inspiration from here.
Playdough from Daiso.

Popsicle stick and clothespin colour matching by Mummy R. Inspiration from here.

Crocodile counting by Mummy A. Inspiration from here.

Arts masterpiece matching by Mummy J.

I must say that all the Mummies have put in loads of efforts to make these busy bags for our little ones. The ideas and quality is better than our first exchange. I am super happy to received all these. And yes, we have decided to go for another round of exchange again! Looking forward.

I will be sharing some tips about busy bags and the busy bags I received from the preschooler group in the next few posts. Do stay tune!

Lastly, here is the free printable of the Magnet Puzzle from me. Click on the photo below to download it.

If you are keen to form your own busy bag exchange, don't forget to check out the busy bag exchange tips. You can also read more about the busy bag exchange that we had.

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Pin the Bunny Tail (free printable)

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  1. Awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. WHOAAAA! What a happening and hardworking group!!! Superlike the toyogo cup coloured pipe cleaners and the ART MACTHY Cards!!!! Will be sharing! think I've past that stage of making busy bags...lol.... sooo fun! keep such posts going!

    1. Thank you Growing Hearts. Both Mummy J will be so encouraged with your thumbs up! I have to agree that all the mummies are so hardworking and put their heart into this.

  3. Thank you for the busy bag ideas, really a very creative mummy! i took your print out and bought the magnets from Daiso. My tot loved it very much. May I know how can I make more of such scenes with the same dimension/size? Is there a specific template that I can make use of? Thank you so much for sharing these!

    1. Glad that your child is enjoying the puzzles. I googled the images and arranged them on powerpoint. You can format the shapes so that the measurements are the same as the magnet pieces you have cut out.