3D2N Malacca: The Shore Residences

by - Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We stayed at The Shore Residences during our 3D2N Malacca trip. Since we have 5 adults and 2 children, we decided to book an apartment instead of a hotel so that we can all stay in one unit. When travelling with 2 young kids, it is always good to have more helping hands from family members.

Furthermore, we need a configuration of a Quad room and a Triple room or a Double room which allows adding of an additional bed if we were to stay in a hotel. It is not easy to find one which suits our needs. Even if there is, it adds up to be more expensive then staying in an apartment. We paid RM 1,200 for a Three-Bedroom Apartment for a 2 nights stay via booking.com

We reached the apartment at about 3pm, just in time for check-in. While we were trying to find the way to the carpark, we saw a A4 paper on a wall that says 'Check-in for The Shore Residence'. We read reviews from booking.com that the check-in counter is not easy to find. We were lucky to spot that small little sign. So we parked the car at the side and Sis went to do the check-in. The staff told us where to park and they will be waiting at the lift lobby to show us the way to our unit.

For the lift, we need to scan our card before we can press the floor we wanted to go to. A plus point for security.

Ta-daa! That's our house for the next 3 days. The unit has a living room, kitchenette, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a balcony.

Living Area & Balcony

The main living area which is quite spacious

The main living area is quite spacious and the boys had no problem running about. For families with kids, you will need to be careful of the sharp corners of the tables and shelves. Small J knocked himself against the table corner once and cried terribly. The glass door opens out to the balcony. We had to be extra mindful that the boys do not go out to the balcony alone as it can be very dangerous.

Another view of the living room

Balcony with nothing

We could see the swimming pool from our balcony

There's a relax corner too

Dining & Kitchenette Area

The dining area is between the living area and the kitchenette. The dining table is quite big and has 6 chairs. Good for eating or just sitting down and talking.

Dinning area

This is the kitchenette with basic amenities such as microwave oven, fridge, basic cutlery, electric kettle. There is also a oven and washing machines but these are not allowed for use. Unfortunately, pots and pans, washcloth and dish-washing soap are not provided. We were lucky to brought along a small bottle of bottle wash (for washing Small J's milk bottle) and a bottle brush to do the cleaning up of the dishes.

Another area for improvement is the lack of rubbish bin. There is only one small bin in the kitchen area and for a big family like us, it gets filled up quickly. Since there is no housekeeping, we need to dispose the rubbish on a daily basis. There are no extra plastic bags provided but we brought along some extra bags so we used those to bag our rubbish.

The kitchenette

Electric kettle and basic cutlery are provided

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

The apartment has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Towels, basic toiletries and hair dryer are provided. 

Common bathroom

Towels and basic toiletries are provided

The bedrooms are very basic, just the beds and a wardrobe. The rooms are not very spacious, just enough to fit the furniture. So, it could be quite cramp if you have a big luggage to open. Although wardrobes are provided, there are no clothes hangers for us to hang our clothes. I guess not many people will use the wardrobes therefore the interior is quite dusty. I also have to mention that the pillows are too soft for a comfortable sleep.

Bedroom 1 with 2 single beds

Bedroom 2 with 2 single beds

The master room is slightly more spacious than the other two bedrooms. There's ample space for us to open our big luggage case. It comes with an attached bathroom.

Master room with a double bed

Master bathroom

Apartment Facilities

Unfortunately, we didn't have much time to explore the facilities at the apartment. We did went to the swimming pool which has some waterplay features for children. The boys were of course delighted to play here. Do note that the pool is located on the 9th floor, iirc, so it can be quite cold when the wind is blowing.

I saw a towel station by the pool but when I asked, the staff said the towels are only for the hotel guests, not for the residences guests.

The glass building above the pool is the gym

Other facilities available are gym, sauna, indoor swimming pool and tennis court.

I also want to mention that the lift service is slow, especially during peak hours such as meal time, check-in and check-out timings. There is only two lifts servicing the whole block of 26 floors and there is no separate service lift for the cleaning crews.

Right below the apartment is The Shore Shopping Gallery. It is one of the latest shopping mall in Malacca. It has TANGS department store, The Shore Oceanarium, The Shore Sky Tower. It was a pity that we didn't have the time to walk around. I would love to visit The Shore Sky Tower as it is the highest building in the area and what wonderful view it would have been.

Here are some of the night views from our apartment.

View blocked by buildings

Nice view taken from the lift lobby. Our unit did not have such nice views.
The Malacca River is right below the building.


The difference between staying in a hotel and an apartment is that there is no daily housekeeping. However, we are ok with this. We threw our rubbish at the common trash area and do the tidying up of the bed and other things ourselves. Just like what we would do if we are staying in our own house.

The room might not be as beautifully decorated as a hotel, but it doesn't matter to us as we will be out most of the time. There is no wifi but we have our portable wifi router.

There are some areas that need improvement for a better stay, such as providing of more kitchen essentials, clothes hangers, more trashbins, etc.

Despite the above minus points, we enjoyed our stay there. The most important reason for staying in an apartment is because we wanted to stay together as a family in one unit. The boys got to play with their grandparents and we had extra help from them too. The unit is spacious and clean, there is a fantastic pool for the children and a shopping mall right below the apartment. 

The Shore Residences

Address: GF-27, 193 Pinggiran @ Sungai Melaka, Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia
Contact: +60 6-282 8202
Booking.com | Facebook

3D2N Malacca Itinerary

Stay: The Shore Residences
Day 2:
Exploring the Heritage Area - Eating and feasting in the area
Day 3: 
KL for prayers - Home Sweet Home

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  1. Looks like great value for a large group. The kids-friendly pool is a HUGE plus. What it just needs is a bathtub! LOL... Am I asking for too much?

    1. I know! You & your boys super love bathtub right. Haha!