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by - Friday, August 19, 2016

Does your child wear glasses? At what age do they start wearing glasses? Children nowadays start wearing glasses at a very early age. Children are going to school at a much younger age, doing a lot of reading and writing work. Furthermore, with the advancement of technology, it is inevitable that children are exposed to smart devices. It is therefore, very important that they develop good reading habits at a young age. 

Do you know? "Singapore is the world's #1 for the prevalence of childhood myopia 
in seven to nine year olds." - HPB

Good Reading Habits

While having a love for reading is a good thing, having poor reading habits will increase the chances of developing myopia. So what can we do to ensure good reading habits?

1. Reading at a safe distance
2. Ensure sufficient lighting 
3. Taking a break after 30 minutes of reading
4. Engaging in outdoor activities

For adults, these habits might seem easy to keep to. However, it is more difficult for kids to keep these in mind. Most often, we need to constantly remind them not to go too near to the book or device or have a hard time telling them to take a break from reading.


If you are facing the above problems, BookBuddy is the solution! 

BookBuddy is a smart bookstand that helps children to develop healthier reading habits. With the use of smart sensors, it can reminds your child of the good reading habits that they need to follow. 

Smart Sensors

BookBuddy is able to help children develop better reading habits through the use of smart sensors.

BookBuddy has a Distance Sensor that is able to detect the reading distance. When the child gets too near to the book, BookBuddy will start to beep, reminding the child to move back. The beeping stops when the child move away to a safe reading distance.

At the end of the retractable arms are two Light Sensors. These sensors are able to measure the lighting conditions. When the lighting is poor, the green LED will start blinking.

The Reading Timer will alert the child to take a break after 30 minutes of reading. The red LED will light up.

Ergonomic Reading Angles

As a book stand, BookBuddy has two reading angles which are ergonomically designed for reading. The lower angle is for writing but I feel that the retractable arms somehow block the hands while trying to write. I think this is a good level for doing referencing or copy work.

The other higher angle is suitable for reading. It supports the book in a more upright position. Do you know that when you are reading at the table, your neck and body will bend over when trying to read? With the book in a upright position, you will be reading in a proper posture. 

Retractable Arms

On both ends of the BookBuddy there are the Retractable Arms. You can extend or decrease the length of the arms to firmly hold down pages of all sizes.

I tried using a thick cookbook on the BookBuddy. The arms are able to hold down the pages firmly and able to hold the weight of the book. Great for using in the kitchen when I need to refer to recipes while cooking.

See... it can hold a tablet too!

Page Extender

Have taller books or paper? BookBuddy features a Page Extender to support taller books or paper. This is especially useful for paper so that it will not flop over.

Lightweight and Portable

When I first received the BookBuddy, I was surprised that it is very light. This makes it easy for children to carry it around. Its dimension is 23 x 17 x 2  cm, smaller than A4 size and only weighs 290g.

BookBuddy runs on 2 AAA batteries. Do note that the battery cover is easily taken out, so when using with small children, please supervise them in case they open the cover and take the batteries out. 


When we first started using BookBuddy, the boys were super excited, especially Big J. I first started using it without the batteries, ie not using the smart sensors. Just using it as a book stand is enough to arouse their interest in reading! They are always asking to read with BookBuddy.

Then when we started using it with the batteries, they got even more excited! The boys are too excited with the beeping sounds that they sometimes purposely go near the book, just to trigger the beep. Since they keep doing that, I honestly feel that the beeping sound is quite annoying. However, that is because we are not using it the proper way. I hope the boys will wear off this novelty soon and not pay so much attention to the sounds. That said, the persistent beeping sound definitely does a good job in reminding the reader to maintain a good reading distance. Of course, you can turn off the power when you do not need the proximity sensor. Or perhaps this will be more suitable for older children who has better control of their emotions.

I also realized that our lights are not bright enough for reading. Oops! The LED light keeps on blinking when we use it at night but it is fine during the day time when we are doing our work near the windows. Time to buy a reading light.

Like I mentioned earlier, the battery cover opens very easily. Since Small J is quite young, I have to supervise him when he is using the BookBuddy. I wish that the battery cover has a screw to secure it for safety reasons.

When I first get a feel of BookBuddy, I thought that the plastic feels quite flimsy, like it will break if we drop it or when we get too rough handling it. However, it has no problem holding thick and heavy books as I pointed out earlier. Of course, this is why it is lightweight and portable so that it is easy and convenient for children to use. Nobody would want to carry a heavy bookstand around right?

Overall, the boys are really happy with their new buddy in their reading corner. I'm really happy that this has increased their interest in reading and also teaching them the importance of maintaining a good reading posture. Here are some photos of them reading with BookBuddy.

BookBuddy is retailing at S$84.90. There are 3 colours available, Groovy Green, Brainy Blue and Perky Pink. It is available at their online store.

For more information, do visit BookBuddy's website:
Web | Facebook

Here's a video of BookBuddy!

Function of BookBuddy from Crymson Lifetech Pte Ltd on Vimeo.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary BookBuddy for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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