July 2016

by - Thursday, August 11, 2016

My monthly updates has been put on hold for almost a year! Gosh... how fast! I have decided to restart this again but I'm not sure how long I can persevere because time is so limited.

So, these are what went on for our July...

First up, it is Small J's birthday. Technically, this happened in June. However, since it is at the end of June, I want to include this otherwise he will have no documentation of his birthday on the blog.

The boy has grown a lot over the year, although he has his temper sometimes. I just want to wish that he will grow up healthily and happily! As usual, we had a simple family affair birthday celebration. As I am writing this, I re-read his second birthday post and I am feeling so guilty that this year's post is so short! Forgive me baby. 

We discovered Tuk Tuk Cha in our neighbourhood shopping mall! The milk tea is really da best! The tea is flavourful yet not overly sweet. The waffles are cripsy on the outside while the inside is soft and fluffy. The matcha ice-cream totally compliment the sweet red bean very well. The downside, the boys didn't sleep until super late! Think it was due to the power of the tea and matcha.

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The latest activity in our house, a box for the boys to play house, hide-and-seek and draw and paint. Till this date, the box is still standing strong.
We visited the Singapore Sports Hub to find out more about the family activities they have in store for the public. If not for the fact that we stay super far from the Sports Hub, it might be our favourite hang-out place.

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We had so much fun posing and taking photos at Alive Museum. It is so much fun than our first trip there because the boys are more interested in posing, unlike the first time when we spent more time chasing after them. This gotta be my favourite art piece because I got to experience our proposal all over again! Lol!

I also brought the boys to Future World at Art Science Museum. OMG... we didn't even finish exploring the whole exhibit because they spent so much time at the first part of  the 'playground'. We will definitely be back again! Just in case you guys don't know about it, there's free entry for kids on every Fridays.

Going up and down the slide for infinity times

Building a house

In July, we had a very special visit to the Egg Farm! The farm tour was organised by Singapore Young Farmers. It was a very rare and valuable experience because the farm is not open to the public and special access to the farm requires AVA’s approval. Although we didn't see the chickens, we did see how the eggs are processed and pasteurized in the hi-tech farm. It was also an eye-opener for the kids. Do join the mailing list of Singapore Young Farmers to keep updated of future farm trips.

The tour started with an informative briefing by the representative from N &N Agriculture Farm.

Eggs fresh from the chicken house

Closer look at the eggs

The boy with mountains of eggs

All dressed up to see the pasteurization process

Enjoying some delicious tamago eggs at the end of the tour

Since our boys are always full of energy, we brought them to Amped Trampoline Park. Big J can still remember the first time we were there. Last time, Small J could only sit around but this time he joined in the climbing and jumping! Haha..we had so much fun but I think we ended up feeling more tired than the boys.

We ended the month with some cheese tarts from Bake! It is our first time trying these yumilicious tarts and I am so glad that we didn't have to queue hours for it. It took us about 30 minutes to get them. Unfortunately, these were too expensive for us to eat regularly, so it remains as a once in a while treat!

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