3D2N Malacca: Jonker Street

by - Wednesday, October 05, 2016

After being on the road for about 8 hours, we finally reached our apartment in Malacca for our 3D2N stay. We dumped our luggage, explored our apartment for a while and were off to Jonker Street for some food. Read more about the apartment we stayed in, The Shore Residence

Let's start our walk down Jonker street, one the most crowded and happening street in Malacca when dusk falls. Every Friday to Sunday evening, the road will be closed to vehicles and the street becomes a night market.

The center stage greeted us as we stepped onto Jonker Street. When the night comes, there will be people singing karaoke on the stage!

Our first stop is Bibik House. We heard reviews that their pineapple tarts are good and decided to get some. However, after tasting I personally feel that it is over-rated. I prefer those melt-in-the-mouth type that we get in Singapore.

It was about 5pm when we reached there are there are still cars driving along the street. But come 6pm, the road will be closed and stalls will be setup along the street for the night market. 

Jonker 88

Address: 88, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

We had a proper meal at Jonker 88. From our research, this is a must-try place at Jonker Street. It is recommended for its Chendol and Laksa. 

From the outside, the place looks small. However, when we stepped in, the place is quite long and stretch all the way inside. This is a common feature of the old houses in Malacca. The place also has a lot of vintage stuffs, from old coins to vintage posters. 

It was quite crowded when we reached there and we took a while to find a table. Fortunately, the turnover is quite fast, just that there were a lot of people standing around trying to find a table. 

Everything is self-service here. 

We ordered some of the must-trys, Baba Laksa, Nyonya Assam Laksa and Chendol! We also ordered a bowl of soup noodles for the boys as they can't take spicy food. 

The Nyonya Assam Laksa is sour and spicy. I did not have a fancy for this as it was too spicy for me.

The Baba Laksa has coconut milk added and taste like our local Singapore laska. I prefer this more.

We didn't managed to take a photo of the Chendol as it was quickly gobbled up. Chendol is a must-try at  Malacca and there are many shops that sell chendol along Jonker Street. The chendol at Jonker 88 is not bad but I feel the one at East & West Rendezvous is better.

San Shu Gong

Address: 33, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

After we finished eating at Jonker 88, the road is closed to vehicles and stalls has started setting up. Before I show you the sights of the night market, let me bring you to San Shu Gong first.

Right outside San Shu Gong, there is this street performer who charges RM2 for people to take a photo with him. I thought this was interesting and took a photo from afar, not thinking much about it. Then as we were about to enter San Shu Gong, he asked for payment from me for taking a photo of him. So beware if you are not intending to take a photo with him, don't even try to take a photo of the surroundings with him in the picture.

San Shu Gong is a shop that sells a variety of local produce. This is a one stop place for you to buy some local food and snacks back as souvenirs. Best of all? It has air-con! A place to relax and escape from the heat.

We tried a sample of the Essence Lime with Liquorice (陈年老桔). The drink is very refreshing with a sweet, sour, saltish taste. In the end, we bought a few bottles home.

We can see jars of the 陈年老桔 around the shop. Not sure if these are only for display or is there anything inside.

There is also a counter where you can buy drinks and some light snacks and enjoy them at the tables upstairs.

Jonker Street

As night falls, Jonker Street becomes alive with stalls setup along the road. There are lots to see and lots to eat.

There are many stalls selling these cute little things. From stools, key chains, ornaments, kids toys to household items.

Of course, there is no night market without food. These baked quail eggs are delicious! It is quail eggs with pieces of hotdogs. It goes for RM 4 for a stick and RM 10 for 3 sticks.

BBQ stick and more eggs food.

These beautifully decorated trishaws are a common sight in Malacca.

We were walking when suddenly Small J stopped and looked at these magnets with much interest. He even told us that he wants to buy them.

These drinks in strange bottles. Would you dare to drink from a baby's bottle?

More food....

Another must-get at Jonker Street, durian puffs! The puffs are filled with durian cream custard and you need to eat them in one mouthful. 6 pieces for RM 10.60.

Oldies ice-popsicles! Anyone still remember this?

The crowd getting bigger and bigger as it gets darker. Parents have to be take note of your kids and belongings as the place gets really crowded.

There are also interesting activities going on in the 会馆.

We were back at the center stage. Big J is talking to the clown.

Uncle singing karaoke on the stage.

The boys were getting more restless and cranky as it was past their sleeping time, so we decided to call it a night and went back to our apartment.

3D2N Malacca Itinerary

Stay: The Shore Residences
Day 2:
Exploring the Heritage Area - Eating and feasting in the area
Day 3: 
KL for prayers - Home Sweet Home

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  1. Oh my, it's been so loong since I'd been to Malacca! Ur pictures makes me wanna make a trip up 😂 and yes the TasteBetter durian puffs are delicious! :D