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by - Wednesday, June 14, 2017

It has been two months since my last post about Eye Level. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, it is really not easy to find a class that caters to Big J's learning needs. Most learning centres group the students according their age and teach the same curriculum to the whole class. I am really glad to find Eye Level because they offer an Individualised Programme that allows children to learn at their individual learning level.

Here are some updates about Big J's progress with Eye Level. During these two months, we had our first Parent-Teacher Meeting. The teacher told me the progress of Big J and the plan for future months. She also shared the areas that need improvement, such as his attention span and handwriting, both of which I know is a big challenge for him.

Apart from the academic progress, Eye Level also believes in encouraging the students to become Self-Directed Learners. This is a life-long process and to become a good learner, there are some values which are important. Specifically, Eye Level @ Jurong West has this monthly 'report book' that reviews how the child is progressing based on the values of Politeness, Responsibility, Independence, Discipline and Enthusiasm (PRIDE). I feel that this is something that is different from the top-notch learning centres which are more focused on the academic chase.

In my previous post, I mentioned that the Math curriculum consists of two parts, Basic Thinking Math (BTM) and Critical Thinking Math (CTM). BTM focuses on understanding the basic mathematical knowledge and skills, and covers the following areas: Numbers, Arithmetic, Measurement, and Equations.

When Big J first joined Eye Level, he started at Level 2 Math, which focuses on numbers up to 30. During the beginning, there was a lot of repetitive work and progress was quite slow. I saw the same concepts through quite a number of booklets. It was always counting and sequencing numbers up to 30, counting up and counting down. Big J was complaining "Counting again?". However, the colourful pictures did make it less boring.

When he finished Level 2, it was time to take the Level Test. He has no problem with the test and proceed on to Level 3. He was very proud about it and came out of the room saying "Mummy, I'm doing Level 3 now!"

Then, he went on to learn about numbers to 50, 100 and even up to 120 now. The progress for the bigger numbers is indeed faster. This is because he already had a strong foundation counting and working with numbers up to 20 and it becomes very easy to apply the same concepts to the larger numbers. This is how the Systematic and Progressive Approach helps him to fully understand the concepts before learning more complex concepts. I call this 'Slow but steady'! Very soon, he will be learning addition!

Counting by tens

Place values

Numbers to 120

As for the Critical Thinking Math, he is still enjoying this portion! CTM helps to develop advanced application and problem-solving skills, and covers the following areas: Patterns and Relationships, Geometry, Measurement, Problem Solving, and Reasoning.

He continues to work on more complex patterns, shapes and visualisation. These critical thinking skills helps to build up logical thinking which will be very helpful when he proceeds on to primary school, especially heuristics math.

 Big J is close to completing his reward chart and is excited to get his prize!

Back at home, he is also more independent in getting his homework done. Although he still whines a bit, he knows he still need to get it done whenever I said 'It's time to do your Eye Level homework.' Thank you to Eye Level for helping him along with his Math!

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Apart from Math, Eye Level also offers a English programme:

Eye Level English (suitable for age 3 to 14)
Eye Level English starts at the basic motor skills needed for reading and writing, goes onto the building blocks of grammar and phonics, and then to the more complex concepts that allow the development of communication skills and content knowledge. The key language skills to be developed are listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Using a thematic and integrated approach, Eye Level provides students the confidence in learning English through its systematic language acquisition programme.

Eye Level Math (suitable for age 4 to 14)
Eye Level Math takes the student through a continuum of study areas covering basic skills, as well as advanced concepts and applications. Each level emphasises critical thinking through reasoning skills that students can apply to everyday life.

If you are interested in finding more about Eye Level, do check out their website. You may also email or contact the individual learning centres to find out more about the curriculum or to schedule an appointment to visit the centre. Find a centre near your home here.

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Disclaimer: We were sponsored complimentary lessons with Eye Level Singapore to try out its Math programme for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was involved. All opinions, texts and photos are mine, unless otherwise stated.

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