Earth Day Recycling Activities for Kids

by - Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Our learning theme for Apr/May is all about Earth Day. While last year we focused on pollution, this year we focus on the 3Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Earth Day Recycling Activities for Kids

This year, we decided that we are going to make some simple games out of these recyclables. Rubbish also can be turned into toys!

Here is a short video of the games that we made. (psst.. if you like this video, please like, share and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thanks a lot) Enjoy!


Books for Earth Day

These are the books on our shelf - All about Earth Day and Recycling.


Firstly, we discuss about pollution and sort the different kinds of pollution using the cards that I printed and laminated last year. I printed these from Every Star Is Different.

Sorting pollution

Then, we talk about how we can reduce pollution. Using the printouts from Every Star Is Different again, we talk about whether the daily activities we do are creating pollution and what we can do to reduce the pollution.

We also went on a neighbourhood walk and help to pick up rubbish in an attempt to reduce the trash in our surroundings.


From the books we read, we talk about how we can reuse the resources we have at home. If we reuse them, it will reduce the amount of trash we throw out. Some of the examples that the boys thought of are using both sides of a paper, donate toys, clothes and books to others who need it more, reuse plastic bags as trash bags and reuse recyclable materials to make new things. And that's what we do! We made some games using recyclables.

The easiest game is creating a puzzle using cereal box. Simply cut up a cereal box into pieces and let your child complete the puzzle.

We made this fun rolling game using the cover of box and paper rolls. I wrote some words about recycling on the paper rolls and the boys will say out the words when the ball roll through the rolls. This works on hand-eye-coordination and balancing.

Next, I used an egg carton and wrote numbers on it. I gave the boys some ping pong balls and they tried to bounce the balls into the carton. They then wrote down the points they got. They got to work on number recognition, number words and addition. It was absolute fun!

On the other side of the egg carton, I wrote chinese phrases. When the ball got in, they will have to read out the chinese phrase, eg '石头'. What a fun way to learn chinese!


For recycling, I setup a recycling centre sensory bin. I printed out pictures of things that are commonly found in trash and put these in a bin of kinetic sand to mimic a landfill.

 I told the boys we are on a mission to find the trash and sort them into bins named 'Recycle', 'General Waste' and 'Donate'.

When they are done sorting, they will put the 'Recycle' bin onto the truck and drive it to the Recycling Centre. Here, they will sort the recyclables into 'Paper', 'Plastic', 'Metal', 'Glass' and 'e-Waste'.

During our activity, we had some discussion about what can be recycled and what should be trash. Even I'm not too sure about what are recyclable or not. NEA has a list of what are the items that we can recycle here.

The pictures of the items for this activity are from here, here and here.

A Visit to the NEWater Visitor Centre

We also visited the NEWater Visitor Centre to learn how water is recycled in Singapore.

That's all for our Earth Day Recycling activities. You can catch these activities in action in the video below.

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